Unlike any other water treatment company in the region and
the innovators of the full service, turn-key approach to water treatment.

We call it Total Service.

No other company frees you from ordering, receiving, handling or testing your water treatment materials.

No other company offers the Scale Free Guarantee, guaranteeing their results
in writing as part of your contract.


Helping Our Customers Go Green
Doing It Nation-wide

We are a proud partner of the EnduroSolv Partnership. Through EnduroSolv we can provide our customers green, environmentally friendly treatment programs, with reduced handling, minimal shipping cost and most off all the support of a nation-wide network of partners using the same products, the same treatment technique and the same equipment.

The EnduroSolv Solid Delivery Systems have been recognized by the United States Environmental Protection Agency.

To get more information on EnduroSolv and how American Water Treatment can help you go green and pick up some LEED points click the link above or just give us a call.
Don't buy chemicals, Buy Results. Results like extended equipment life, maximized energy efficiency, maximized heat transfer and Scale Free Heat Exchangers.
Possibly the most important part of any of our Total Treatment Programs is our pledge that your open systems will be free of scale and biological fouling while under our care or we will chemical and/or mechanically clean your system free of charge. Scale Free results are guaranteed in writing in your service agreement.

No one else offers guaranteed results. No one.