Every Total Treatment Program Includes:


Every System is Tested, Every Call

Delivery, application and handling of all treatment materials without you having to order, stock or receive anything.

Furnishing, installation, maintenance and calibration of the water treatment equipment.

On-site analysis of each treated system and a written field report presented at each service call. This report is discussed with your personnel to ensure that you understand the current conditions of your systems.

On or off-site training of your personnel so that they can better understand our service, their involvement and the importance of the water treatment program.

No-charge emergency service when you have an issue.

Flat, fixed billings so there are no surprises. Your program will have an annual cost billed either monthly or quarterly so you can better manage your budget.

Every Total Treatment Customer Experiences:


Scale Free Guarentee Means Clean Tubes and Better Efficiencies

Maximized energy savings through water minimization, scale free and biomass free heat exchangers. Clean equipment can save 20-40% in energy and by minimizing water consumption he savings can be substantial.

Extended equipment life by the minimization of corrosion and corrosion related failures. Water and metal don’t mix, but proper treatment can extend the life of equipment and piping by decades.

Regularly scheduled service calls by highly trained professionals which provide consistent treatment levels by maintaining the treatment system and chemical supply with.products that they carry in their service vehicles.

The most important part of our Total Treatment Program is our written performance guarantee.

The Scale-Free Guarantee is part of any of our Total Treatment Programs and is our pledge that your open systems will be free of scale and biological fouling while under our care or we will chemical and/or mechanically clean your system free of charge. Scale Free results are guaranteed in writing in your service agreement.

No one else offers guaranteed results. No one.