At American Water Treatment, we custom taylor our treatment products to suit the needs of the water quality of your area and those of your equipment. Since we compound nearly all of our treatment products, we can ensure that our products are made from the highest quality raw materials and specialty chemistries from the best manufacturers.

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Offered in both traditional liquids and our EnduroSolv solids, our Cooling Water Treatment blends range in function and specificity, from basic phosphate based treatment to multi-inhibitor blends to vapor-phase based products. Our corrosion and scale inhibitor products are tailored to meet the needs of your system type and raw water chemistry.

Our Biocide products lines runs the entire spectrum of approved chemistries including isothiazolin, chlorine dioxide and stabilized bromines. Our biocide lines are augmented by our custom blended biodispersents and are chosen and pair with our inhibitor products for maximum results without incompatibly issues.
Boiler Water Treatment products can be a complicated group, but we have honed our line to those products and combinations that offer the easiest application with the highest levels of efficacy and safety. We offer a complete range of chemistries in both liquid and solid forms, including the EnduroSolv solid delivery system.

Our boiler treatment line includes everything from single component products like liquid oxygen scavenger to multifunction, all in one blends for corrosion and scale control as well as condensate neutralization.
Loop Treatment is not as easy as some people mistakenly think it to be and that is why we consider our loop treatment line so important. We offer only a few loop products but they are engineered to offer full spectrum corrosion control as well as easy of application and universal compatibility.

Our Amerifrost and Ameritherm Glycol Based products offer the highest quality ethylene and propylene glycols protected with our proprietary inhibitor package that can be diluted with any potable water source, eliminating the need to dilute with demineralized or di-ionized water; and our inhibitor package can be tested for in the field for easy of monitoring.
From boiler boil-out to closed loop flushing to iron deposit removal and biofilm breakdown, we offer nearly every kind of water treatment related cleaner you could need, all of which are custom blended in our facilities