Complete Water Treatment Feed Systems

Whether you need a completely new chemical feed system or just an o-ring on for a chemical feed pump, we have you covered. With over 60 years of experience in the field we have been able to select the best products from the best equipment partners and have put together treatment system that range from the simple and economical to highly developed automated system with internet monitor capabilities.

We can provide you with engineering expertise that is un paralleled in our region and help you lay out your system to maximize its function while keeping the cost under control. Whether you need a new construction specification or are ready to upgrade your system we can help.

Our service staff is fully trained in the installation of the equipment we sell, so if you have a new system going in and want to have it professionally installed, let us know. Or if you have the staff or a contractor installing your equipment we offer free onsite installation consultations with every piece of equipment we sell.

Solid Feed Systems

Our EnduroSolv Solid Chemical Feed Systems can replace the conventional chemical feed tank with a wall mounted system that not only nearly eliminates the need for spill containment but also opens up floor space.

American S150 Non-Electric Dissolving Board

The S150 Dissolving Board works with your existing chemical feed pump but allows you to eliminate a 55 gallon drums of chemicals and the associated risks of spills and exposure.

American S100 Direct Feed Dissolving Board

The S100 and its sister system the S100T are direct feed system, meaning that they can be used to feed treatment products directly to an open system, without the need for a chemical feed pump. The use gravity to feed the products right into your tower sump, boiler feed water tank or open loop tank.

The S100T includes a programmable timer that can activate the feed of biocides to your system without the expense of a biocide feed controller.
The video below will show you how the EnduroSolv feed systems work and how easily they can be incorporated in your existing system.