An American Water Treatment Total Treatment Program along with our EnduroSolv Line can drastically reduce your exposure to risk and liability in many ways:

No drum disposal issues. When your chemical drum arrives at your facility, it has two names on it; The supplier and YOURS These same names are on the drum when it leaves your facility. Are you sure it was empty? Are you sure it was properly triple rinsed? With EnduroSolv®, not only is the product dissolved 100%, even the product jar is recyclable. Sure beats the risk of being a part of a Super-fund suit.
No on-site storage issues. Not only are liquid chemicals bulky, they must also be stored in containment areas according to their hazardous classification. Many facilities do not have this kind of "extra" space, and resort to storing all chemicals in one containment area. The potential for chemical reactions of two different liquids can produce very undesirable results.
Eliminate Spill potentials. With liquid chemicals, spills can occur anywhere – in transit to your facility, or at your facility. Many chemicals can be hazardous to human health, damaging to the environment, and a potential for extensive and expensive litigation. These risks can be eliminated with your use of EnduroSolv® products.
No heavy drums to move. This substantially reduces the potential for injury to your employees and others in your care. A 55-gallon drum weighs over 500 pounds. Moving these heavy drums can result in Back Injury, Toe Injury, or Finger Injury; any of which can lead to costly Workman's Compensation Claims. No pails of chemicals to move. This reduces the risk of injury and exposure of hazardous chemicals (including corrosives, oxidizers, and pesticides) to your employees and customers.