There are many avenues to collecting LEED credits. American Water Treatment and our EnduroSolv line and Total Treatment Programs can help you maximize your potential credits.
LEED Operation and Maintenance credits from 7-17 are possible
LEED Operation and Maintenance (O&M) Recognizes the need for Water Treatment Programs:
Instituted for the efficient use of Water
Maximizing energy efficiency by maintaining clean heat exchangers
Provided to reduce the risk of biological fouling and the risk of Legionella
Implementing the use non-potable water as an innovative method of reducing the use of potable water
Optimizing Chiller and Boiler efficiencies through monitoring and energy evaluations
EnduroSolv products are 100% consumed on site and recyclable packing is made from post consumer waste

LEED New Construction credits from 6-8 are possible
American Water Treatment and EnduroSolv can help get you LEED New Construction (NC) Credits with a Water Treatment Programs that
Allows for the innovative uses for storm water run-off like cooling tower makeup
Improve Indoor Air Quality by not using products that emit harmful vapors
Uses innovative design, application and distribution to drastically reduce the project carbon foot print
LEED School credits from 5-10 are possible
By incorporating many of the above mentioned features American Water Treatment and EnduroSolv can help get you LEED School Credits