Green. What does that word really mean nowadays? We here at American Water Treatment believe it means reducing our water use, reducing the environmental impact of our products by reducing or eliminating hazardous chemistries, and by reducing the energy required to manufacture, transport and apply our products.

It may mean to you a sense of improving your workplace health and safety, improving your facilities energy and water consumption management, and improving your companies public image as one who cares for the environment and safety.
Whether you're looking to become LEEDS Certified or just looking for ways to make your facility more Green, EnduroSolv® can help:
  • No Liquids to Spill
  • No Drum Disposal Issues
  • No Exposure to Hazardous Chemicals
  • No offensive Odors or Fumes
  • No Powders to Irritate
  • Substantially reduced Product Handling Issues
  • Safe and Simple to apply
  • Environmentally friendly products
  • Cleaner, safer work area
  • Conserve floor space
  • Assists in continuous improvement for ISO 14001