Don't Buy Chemicals, Buy Results
September 13, 2018


Total Water Treatment Services and Water Management Programs

Serving the entire Mid-West

Regionally focused service and support with over 150 combined years of water treatment expertise.

Family owned and based in Saint Louis, Missouri since 1950.

We are Association of Water Technologies members with a Certified Water Technologist as the President of the company. We are also professional members of the Cooling Water Institute, the American Chemical Society and the National Association of Corrosion Engineers.

Highly Skilled

Our technical service group is highly trained with no less than 400 field and classroom hours of training before ever going into the field. Each member of the service group participates in 24 hours of continuing training every year so that we can keep ahead of the curve.

Superior Quality

We manufacture all of our treatment blends in our own facility. This means we have control over the raw material selection, specialized chemistry use, and the overall product quality. Every treatment chemical we use or sell is rigorously tested before it is put to market, and each batch is tested for consistent product quality.